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Walnut Small Dice Tray

Dragon Armor Games

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Walnut Small Dice Tray
Walnut Small Dice Tray
Walnut Small Dice Tray

This classic walnut dice tray is perfect for keeping your dice from rolling all over the place.  The tray also features a genuine leather rolling surface and rubber feet.

All wood is unique therefore your tray's grain patterns will vary. (Doesn't include dice)

Handcrafted from Premium Hardwoods
We only use beautiful hardwoods to craft our products.  And all our products are hand built by the owner, all the way from prep to finish!
Minimal Table Space Required
We know there is not always a lot of table space so with this in mind, the Dice Tray only measures 6" x 6 1/2" square-ish (ok, rectangle)

Black Walnut: The king of American hardwoods.  The heartwood is known for its rich dark chocolate brown.

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