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Cherry and Walnut Skeleton Design Dice Tower with Dragon

Cherry and Walnut Skeleton Design Dice Tower with Dragon

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Introducing our large Dragon Dice Tower, the perfect DnD accessory for your tabletop gaming setup! Whether you're delving into the depths of Dungeons and Dragons, embarking on epic quests in Pathfinder, or exploring other TTRPG realms, this handcrafted wooden dice roller is an ideal gift for any Dungeon Master or fellow gamer. With its dragon design reminiscent of Smaug, this tower not only ensures fair rolls every time but also adds a touch of grandeur to your gaming setup. Made with the finest quality wood, this sturdy dice roller guarantees years of immersive gameplay. 

Unleash your inner dragon with this exquisitely crafted cherry and walnut dice tower! Featuring a stunning see-through skeleton construction and a fierce dragon on the front, this tower will bring a unique flair to your gaming experience. 

All wood is unique therefore your tower's grain patterns will vary. (Dice not included)

Have a lot of Dice to Roll?
Our dice tower can handle large amounts of dice, perfect for those high level characters.

Ensure Random Rolls
Our towers use rods that are perfectly spaced so no dice gets through without hitting one.  (plus we think the rods make our tower one of the best sounding towers out there)

Handcrafted from Premium Hardwoods
We only use beautiful hardwoods to craft our products.  And all our products are hand built by the owner, all the way from prep to finish!

Modular with the Medium and Large Dice Trays
The Medium and Large Dice Trays were designed as a perfect addition to our dice towers.  

Black Walnut: The king of American hardwoods.  The heartwood is known for its rich dark chocolate brown.

Cherry Wood: This hardwood starts off as a light pinkish-brown and will darken over time to a reddish brown with exposure to light.

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