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Cthulhu Three Piece Gamer Combo Pack - Dice Tower, Tray, and Vault

Cthulhu Three Piece Gamer Combo Pack - Dice Tower, Tray, and Vault

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Introducing the ultimate gaming setup for all the devoted Cthulhu enthusiasts out there! Our Cthulhu Dice Tower and Tray is a must-have addition to your gaming arsenal. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this sinister wooden dice tower features Lovecraft’s iconic Cthulhu, which perfectly captures the essence of eldritch horror. A wooden dice tray with tentacle design is also included, allowing you to conveniently roll your dice without fear of losing them. But that's not all! We've also included a spacious wood dice vault, providing secure storage for all your Arkham Horror, Elder Sign, RPG, and DnD dice. Elevate your gaming experience with this Cthulhu dice roller, dice tray, and dice box- the perfect gift set for any discerning player seeking a touch of cosmic dread in their next gaming session.

This Combo Pack is made from cherry hardwood, and the dice tray has a leather rolling surface and rubber feet. All wood is unique therefore your tray's grain patterns will vary. (Dice not included)

All you need (and want) in one beautiful package.

A Complete Gamer Set
Includes everything you need to have a successful campaign: Dice Tower, Dice Tray, and Dice Vault! 
Modular System for Convenient Transportation
Dice Tower and Dice Vault fit perfectly inside the Dice Tray so you can pack it and go!
Handcrafted from Premium Hardwoods
We only use beautiful hardwoods to craft our products.  And all our products are hand built by the owner, all the way from prep to finish!
Minimal Table Space Required
We know there is not always a lot of table space so with this in mind, the Dice Tray only measures 6" x 6 1/2" square-ish (ok, rectangle)
Ensure Random Rolls
Our Dice Tower uses internal rods that are optimally spaced to ensure a random roll! (plus, we think rods sound cool)
Protect those Dice
Keep those precious's safe!  Our Dice Vault can safely store at least 2 complete sets of dice complete with rare earth magnets keeping the lid sealed. (ooh, magnets, who doesn't love magnets?)
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