Cherry Card Holders

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Cherry Card Holders
Cherry Card Holders
Cherry Card Holders

Tired of holding your hand of cards?

We know we are! After all, what is this, the dark ages? That's why we spent tons of time and money developing the perfect solution! We discovered that we could put slots into pieces of wood and these slots "wood" hold the cards! We were so excited by this discovery we put two slots into each of these pieces for double the card holding capacity!

- Each slot can fit 5 sleeved cards side by side; more if the cards are overlapped
- Each side is chamfered for a great aesthetic appeal.

Perfect for:
- Magic: The Gathering
- Dominion
- Your favorite card game
- Children who have trouble holding their cards

Cherry Wood: This hardwood starts off as a light pinkish-brown and will darken over time to a reddish brown with exposure to light.

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