Check here for updates on COVID-19, Free Shipping, and Products


Check here for updates regarding COVID-19 and other aspects of Dragon Armor Games

How COVID-19 is affecting Dragon Armor Games and our response.

As of right now all of our in person events have been canceled.  You can check our show schedule here

Dragon Armor Games is a Passion Project and is Financially Stable
For those who may be concerned about the future of Dragon Armor Games: First, thank you for caring, and second, DAG is a passion project that I have worked part time on for two years now.  I have purposely kept it out of debt and maintained an extremely low overhead.  As a result I can adapt as necessary and have no plans to stop.

Other Updates

Free Shipping
All U.S. domestic shipping is now free on orders $30 and over. 

Products that have been restocked, added, or updated recently:
Large Dice Tower: Restocked
Card Holders: Restocked
Domino Holders: Added
Dice Vaults: Added
Medium Dice Trays: Currently adding

Major product changes:
Leather: To enhance quality, all new dice trays will now have a leather lined roll area instead of felt.  The first product to have leather will be the new dice trays for the large dice towers.  This is a rolling change so unless the product states it has leather it probably still has felt.